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As an expat career coach and member of the International Coaching Federation and the Expat Coach Association, let me help you discover -- as I've helped dozens of others -- your untapped career potential. You can rely on my "sixth sense for cultural insights"  as an Intercultural Practitioner and member of SIETAR Europa, to help you cope with culture shock and adapt to unfamiliar surroundings. We'll explore The Big Questions, like how the invisible hand of culture drives our behavior in ways you never imagined, and what that looks like in the workplace. 

As a  former expat, I'm proud to be a member of this global tribe, thanks to the trips that continue to enrich my life. Every day of my working life, I'm lucky to be a a trusted adviser to expats and other fellow travelers. Helping them discover their untapped career potential, or how the invisible hand of culture drives our behavior in ways you never imagined! My solutions include cultural and social adaptation programs, job search, self-employment, and career-change coaching. I've helped hundreds of relocation professionals -- stateside or abroad -- start a business, find their dream job, or just make the foreign feel more familiar.

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