When you know the six De Bono Hats you can sketch Lisa's picture very well. She wears above all the green hat, which symbolizes creativity, regarding the cross-cultural interaction and public relations. She is familiar with the white hat, that stands for facts, as well. In the Congress Program Team (organizing the Conference 2017 in Dublin) lead by me on behalf of SIETAR Europa Lisa is perfectly joining with facts and skillfully pushes the brainstorming sessions. The blue hat, focusing on process, fits Lisa's philosophy on "Planning for action". Her pro-active style makes the cooperation with her valuable and to the point. Moreover, Lisa can point out difficulties and risks (Black Hat), identify the benefits (Yellow Hat) and verbalize feelings (Red Hat). Lisa is a valuable team member with many good ideas, high level of reliability and extensive professional background.

— Joanna Sell, Intercultural Practitioner | SIETAR Europa - Germany


Lisa is a very experienced career coach, with a deep understanding on the multi cultural professional world. My coaching sessions with her were extremely helpful and I highly recommend her services.

— Mariana Dias, Operational Key Account Manager at Kuehne + Nagel | Client - Brazil


Lisa is a wonderful coach, constantly attentive to the coachee, with a broad knowledge of the European culture and she very helpful in the process of job hunting in the USA.

— Elena Thiriet Wack, CFO | Client - France


Lisa is a true thought leader on bridging cultural divides. Her personal life experiences combined with excellent professional credentials result in unique, timely and forward thinking solutions for our clients. Her expertise is a true asset for any globally-minded team.

— Elena Mosko Founder/CEO, Globiana


Really enjoyed your insightful and unconventional webinar “6 Things You Need To Know About American Culture Right Now” on the Intercultural Training Channel. You articulated well and found the words to describe a transformed country and the American spirit in a radically, brilliant way.

— Patrick Schmidt, President SIETAR Europa


Absolutely amazing and clearly demonstrated flexibility and adaptability! She thought the session with the kids was fantastic that you were able to keep their energy levels high and keep them excited. The fact that you are a mom was a huge benefit as well as you were able to empathize. Overall, they really loved you and felt you really had profound knowledge about the subject and felt the session was extremely beneficial.

— Caroline Osinski, Kwintessential


I am so appreciative of your enthusiasm, candor, and your support of the Best Companies for Multicultural Women National Conference. The audience responded favorably to your session included: Overall good session: informative, personal stories were good examples to draw from. Good dialogue and excellent action items to implement. Good enthusiasm. Very enlightening; lots of lessons taken away. Excellent, engaging discussion.

— Janet Wigfield VP, Executive Director - Conference + Events Working Mother Media


Valued member of the Crown Relocations training team and always represents us in the most professional manner. She has a wealth of intercultural information and is able to focus on each person’s individual requirements in an affable manner. She consistently receives excellent feedback from participants who praise her ability to customize the content to meet their specifications. Lisa is an asset!

– Sarah Britton, Intercultural Training Coordinator, Crown Relocations

Passionate leader of intercultural professionals committed to maintaining top-notch training and quality in the intercultural field. She works effectively and tirelessly to bring people together toward a common goal, to the benefit of all.

– Anne P. Copeland, PhD Executive Director, Interchange Institute Boston


True professional in every sense of the word and she is a very effective intercultural trainer. She strives to attain the best possible result or solution at all times for any issue or circumstance. Lisa is also skilled as a communicator whether on an interpersonal basis or through another media. It's a real pleasure to work with her.

– Jerry Vastano, Master Trainer


Lisa’s expertise on living and working in Sicily was professional and accurate. Her commitment to relocating families is evident not only through her deep understanding of Italian life and culture, but also through her diligent pursuit to obtain dual Italian citizenship jure sanguinis and subsequently, of the European Union. I have already proposed Lisa to many clients.

– David Moss, Global Real Estate Agent, Sicily


Lisa is a thinker, a great listener, has passion for her career, and is an expert with regards to global management consulting. She is delightful with new concepts to break cultural barriers that the international community often encounter. Meeting and working with Lisa has been refreshing and I look forward to working with her again in the near future.

– James R. Matarazzo Jr. Realtor, Real Living John Young Realtors


Lisa and I worked as a team on several award-winning cause-related marketing campaigns. She is highly engaged, diligent, enthusiastic and self-motivated. She has maintained a keen interest in lifelong learning as an intellectual, valued employee, dedicated mother, and world traveler. She excels in research, writing, presentation, media relations and program development.

— Carol Bohdan, Sr. VP Dev. & External Affairs, New York Eye & Ear Infirmary


As a professional and close personal friend, she is hard working, perceptive and dedicated. She is accepting of others, engaging, nurturing and supportive. She is also intelligent, creative and highly motivated. She is a dynamic, thinking person and an insightful writer who expresses herself with clarity and sensitivity. She has a keen linguistic ability (French & Greek), extensive travel and cultural experience and a rare curiosity and open-mindedness that make her an ideal intercultural trainer.

— Virginia Flood, Public Relations Manager, NICE Systems


As adjunct co-facilitator with me at the EDHEC IBM International Business School, Nice France, she recognizes the importance to initiate a “best practices” for clients and end users of intercultural content. Her goal is to provide the guarantee that it should be of the highest quality. She is extremely passionate about her work and activities with a wide range of interests and a capacity to communicate intensely with groups and organization that she leads and is involved with.

— Dr. George F. Simons, Co-Facilitator EDHEC IBM International Business School


I cannot think of anyone more suited for applied anthropology than Lisa because her communication and writing conveys a clarity, creativity and insight that are driven by her love of culture.

— Dr. Luanne Dragone, Professor of Musicology, Columbia University


As an independent global consultant, I work with a number of firms and individuals who are entering the Chinese market. I have found Lisa's knowledge of Chinese business etiquette and protocols to be highly insightful - she is a true professional and a great resource.

— Alan Smith, Legal Department, Avatar Holdings


Highly recommended as an intercultural professional. Lisa's un-wavering passion to understand and celebrate European culture is indispensable as trainer. As a formal Naval Officer living abroad in Italy, it was easy for me to speak with her and receive guidance on a myriad of culture topics and countries. Her abilities go beyond merely pointing out cultural differences to truly understanding and making these nuances relevant to all types of audiences including students, professionals and institutions.

— Tim Finan, Naval Reservist Military Sealift Command


I have known Lisa for over 20 years. Her first-hand knowledge and exceptional understanding of Intercultural communication can hardly be overstated. Lisa's ability to bridge and teach those skills to the military personnel who are assigned to positions abroad comes highly recommended. During a tour of duty in Southwest Asia, Lisa's guidance and through understanding of addressing specific barriers were instrumental in building a stronger line of communication with our counterparts whether military or civilian.

— Robert Reif, Texas Field Safety Manager at Towne Air Freight


I have had the most pleasant cultural experience with Lisa in which she researched and customized an Italy country guide for my upcoming trip to Venice, Florence and Rome. She has an impressive knowledge of Italian culture (and American life comparisons). Her Italian heritage certainly benefits her. I would sincerely recommend Lisa because the insights she provided (not to mention insights about my Swedish married surname) was very insightful. Her knowledge, professionalism and outstanding people skills will no doubt serve her well.

— Maria Ohman, Travel Consultant


During the 38 years I’ve known Lisa she’s always had a thirst for knowledge about all things cultural including my Basque root well as her own Italian ethnicity. She is a very personable woman and is one of the sharpest people I have known. Her anthropological knowledge is vast and she thoroughly enjoys speaking on the topic and teaching cultural assimilation. In my opinion, she’s a renaissance woman and would be an asset to anyone who learning about Spanish culture.

— Therese Lenore Garcia-Occhiato, Artiste


I am a native of Spain, and I currently have a working relationship with Lisa whom I have known for two years. Each time we meet her enthusiasm for the Spanish and European culture is very present in our conversations. She fully understands the lifestyles. She definitely enjoys talking about it and also keeps that European spirit present in her American life. Lisa always asks a lot of questions and enjoys analyzing, comparing and contrasting the European and Spanish culture(s) with this American life. I think Lisa will be a great choice on this cultural training project.

— Natalia Rodriguez Diaz Skoulidakis, Accountant


Lisa is energetic and thorough. Her background as an anthropologist makes her attuned to the nuances of social interactions. She is a dedicated and a pleasure to work with.

— Susan HW Mann, Principal, SW Software, Inc.


Lisa is top-level across the board. Intelligent and quick, she sees what needs to be done and gets there in a calm, easy, fashion that keeps everyone together and on the same page. Translation - she listens.

— Glenn Beatty, Director of Operations & Administration, GlobalVision, Inc.


Lisa excels at communicating ideas and bringing people together. Lisa will bring to fruition any task and does not back away from a challenge. Most importantly, she does this with integrity and a determined cheerfulness that is hard to resist.

— Beth Adubato, JD, Professor of Law, Rutgers University


Lisa was an energetic, enthusiastic and creative member of our staff. She came to the office each day with a smile on her face and an overwhelming desire to get her work done.

— Maria Kalligeros, President and Co-Founder, Patrice Tanaka & Company, Inc.


Lisa is a very dedicated anthropologist. She contributes a lot to our academic community by always sharing relevant stories and participating in conversations. She's a joy to have around and her enthusiasm is of great value!

— Jen Cardew Kersey, University of North Texas MS Distance Learning


The Lisa I know is a very determined individual who is an asset to have on your side. She can be a force of nature as an advocate refusing to take no as a final answer. The best way to describe her style is thoughtful, confident yet nurturing, a rare combination. I have known Lisa since 1976 and have always been impressed by her honest approach to problem solving. She has an enthusiasm for life and learning. She truly enjoys helping others. I will always consider her a friend.

— Ina Shumaker, Actress